3 Things We Learned About What Makes a Happy Workplace

We recently underwent a full rebrand that involved many cosmetic and strategic evolutions (like our new logo and a multi-media marketing campaign). But another part of this brand overhaul was an internal shift in focus to our employees. Let me explain.

Throughout the research process, we learned a lot about ourselves — like how beloved we are by our clients. We’re not trying to brag, but we have an impressive satisfaction rate among our clients, and we realized that has everything to do with our staff. We truly believe our people are our greatest asset. So now, more than ever, we are actively trying to treat our own people the same way they treat our clients: with attention, respect, and understanding. In a nutshell: we want to be “a lifetime firm” for our clients and our employees.

So how are we doing this? By figuring out what makes them happy. And after identifying these key elements, we’re passing them along to you.

What makes a happy workplace?

To figure out what they want, we had to ask and we had to listen. But listening is an ongoing practice that must be maintained between the manager and employee. Because every employee wants to have their voice heard by their superiors [just like we all do]. From small, one-on-one lunchtime discussions to quarterly feedback surveys, a little listening goes a long way. And more than anything, it will make employees feel like they have a voice in the company.


We didn’t realize it until we asked around, but our people craved mentorship. And now we understand why: It’s all about the connection. So many people feel uncertain about their roles and duties and it’s nice to have some guidance once in a while. Assigning a mentor and scheduling ongoing training can make employees feel more assured of themselves and can inspire them to produce better work. So we’re investing in these relationships because they matter.


I don’t know about your office, but the Broussard Poché, LLP crew is very much spread out. We’ve got an office in New Iberia, one in Crowley, and two in Lafayette — and there are more than 80 of us. After talking to our staff, we realized that many of them just want to get together once in a while and get to know their co-workers. It seems like such a simple solution, but monthly birthday celebrations, after work functions, or quarterly “Fun Days” might just be do the trick to get everyone energized and excited about being on the team.

Like we said before, we’re actively working to make our employees feel as valued as our clients. And if there’s one thing this rebrand taught us, it’s that the relationships we’re cultivating are our greatest assets. So right now, a happy workplace is our number one priority.