3 Ways to Make Time for Yourself in 2019

The holidays are a selfless time, most people spend days leading up to the New Year giving of their time and energy. After the New Year, it’ll be time to focus on yourself. Slow down and think about making more time for what you truly love in 2019.

Here are some ways you can make the coming year the year of YOU!

  • Organize Your Schedule
    If you are more efficient you will notice you have extra time to read, work out, or relax in any way you’d like. With an organized day-to-day schedule, you will feel more accomplished and in control. Eventually, you’ll be able to schedule downtime and even vacation time for 2019.
  • Set Goals for “Free Time”
    Don’t just think “time off,” figure out why you want more free time. You’ll be more motivated to change if you have a specific goal. Make a wish list. Write down all the activities that you long to do more of, whether they’re things that make you happy, relaxed, or saner.

Now write down how you really spend your time. If it’s all one busy blur, keep a detailed diary for a few days. You might be surprised by how little time you spend doing things you love most. With the help of your new organization system, you can prioritize free time.

  • Let Some Things Go
    Research shows that to be productive and creative, you must make time for recreation and relaxation. Trying to skimp on them hurts your motivation and often leads you to procrastinate. Take a look at your list of current activities and ask yourself four questions: What can I delegate? Can your kids help with chores? Can you do with less? Can you leave work at work and spend time being present at home?
    Take your rest time seriously. Not only will you feel better but you’ll also be more efficient. 2019 can be the year of YOU if you prioritize what makes you happy.