4 Black Friday Tips To Know Before Hitting The Sales

For many, a national holiday is almost here, not just Thanksgiving, but Black Friday. The ultimate shopping challenge has become a tradition in its own right. The financial experts at Broussard Poché, LLP have a few Black Friday tips shoppers will want to keep in mind.

Shorten that List

If you are hitting the mall as soon as the deals go live, be sure you know what you are looking for. Go in with a plan and a short list. Make a list of what you know will be on sale. You can either do this by store or by items. If you are dedicating yourself to one store, tweak your list to reflect their Black Friday deals and not just what you are hoping to find. If you are looking for specific items, do your research ahead of time so you know where to start.

Budget, Budget, Budget

Don’t head into Black Friday without a serious budget in mind. If you go into a store and just start grabbing items, you may find yourself in serious trouble come check-out time. Overspending could lead to a rough start of the New Year. Be realistic, look at all of your financial burdens, and stick to your budget plan. Research websites and apps that can help you price compare and consider on-line sales.

Credit Report

This is probably one most people overlook but check your credit before making big purchases. Look for any errors and make a plan to contact your credit card company for corrections before shopping. Reviewing your credit report before Black Friday will give you an idea of how much debt you are carrying and which credit cards have the highest balances.

Consider a Sale

Before Black Friday approaches, you may want to consider a sale of your own. Make room for new gifts coming your way by selling older items. A garage sale or on-line sites like eBay and Craigslist could help pump new cash into your Black Friday budget.

The bottom line is, don’t go crazy, stay within your means, and plan. Black Friday deals are an excellent way to have a financially friendly holiday; just don’t get caught up in the madness and make bad money decisions you may regret.