5 Reasonable Financial Goals to Reach in 2018

You may have made a few resolutions to start 2018 off right, but where do your finances fit into the mix? If “saving up to buy a house” seems too large to commit to this year, there are a few reasonable goals you can start with. Even small financial goals will help get on the right path to achieving those larger, scarier goals!

First of all, a great way to start the new year would be to commit to making a budget and keeping track of your spending. The experts at Broussard Poché, LLP know that by putting it all down on paper you’ll start to see how all of these suggestions truly add up.

Cook More
The average American spends around $3,000 dollars eating out each year! By committing to cooking more and eating leftovers just a few more times a week you could save thousands of dollars a year.

Save $100 each month
If you can find just a little extra money on each paycheck to add up to $100 a month, you could put an extra $1,200 in savings this year.

Focus on Debt
Choose your smallest debt and start there. Maybe it’s the final push on your car payments? Or one credit card? Or a leftover medical bill? Whichever you choose, make a plan to clear it this year! It will be one less headache in 2019.

Reusable Items
Stop paying $1.50 for bottled water! Think about it, buying a bottle of water just 3 or 4 times a week will add up to nearly $300 a year!

Prioritize Your Heath
Making your health a priority in 2018 could mean avoiding potential health-related bills in the future. Get a check-up, see a dentist, head to the eye doctor; see about the small issues to avoid the bigger issues in the future.

Don’t focus on putting all of these suggestions into play this year. Choose two you are comfortable with and reevaluate as time goes on. Just start somewhere!