5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Drain Your Bank Account

If you have a Valentine sweetie but are also short on cash, it’s not a great idea to skip the special day altogether.

Instead, use a little thoughtfulness and creativity to make the day extra special. On average, people spend nearly $150 on their special someone come February 14th. If you want tips on how to win a heart on a budget, keep reading.

  1. Personal Card
    With a pair of scissors, nice paper, artistic flair, and a heartfelt message, you can create a gift they will treasure for a lifetime. A handmade card is a much more personal gesture than signing your name to a mass-produced sentiment. Make it personal and add your own touches. Include special moments for a spectacular impact.
  2. Sweets for Your Sweet
    You don’t have to drop $100 on a gourmet meal to let the person in your life know how much you care. Homemade treats like, fudge, candy, cupcakes, or even a home-cooked dinner for two will fare just as well, if not better. It’s the time that goes into the yummy treat that’s worth more than the money spent at a white table cloth restaurant.
  3. See Past the Roses
    Roses are the top flower to deliver on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, roses are a summer-blooming flower and must be shipped to your local shop. A dozen red roses cost anywhere from $20 to $65. Yikes! But you know what, other flowers smell just as sweet. Choose another flower beside the rose to show him or her you care. You can also hand pick your own bouquet or even craft beautiful buds out of paper, felt, and other material. The plus side to the hand-crafted flower is that they last long past February.
  4. Heartfelt Gifts
    If you are bound and determined to buy a gift, look beyond jewelry. What does your partner really love? Reading? Give them a book. Adventure? Take them on a hike at a new location. Really knowing the other person will inspire you with gifts that leave lasting impressions without a huge price tag.
  5. Time
    That’s probably all your sweetheart wants anyway, to spend meaningful time with you. Go for a walk together, have a low-key picnic in the park, play board games, leave work early for an afternoon surprise, or complete a project they’ve had in mind that you’ve been putting off. Let them know they are special to you by giving the most precious gift of all, your time.