6 Tips on How to Save for the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, afterward, you’ll likely have an expensive few weeks ahead of you. The team at Broussard Poché, LLP wants to help you get ahead and organized so financial concerns don’t dampen your holiday spirit.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can enjoy Thanksgiving without going broke.

  1. Set Goals
    Before you start making that shopping list, think about your goals for the day.
  • Immediate family?
  • Extended family over?
  • Watch the big game?
  • A large meal with new recipes?
  • Old family favorite recipes?

    Let your goal for the day lead your budget. If football is top of the list, think finger food or a buffet. If family time is the order of the day, you’ll need a full spread. Pre-planning a menu will help determine your budget.

  1. Set A Budget
    Budgeting is key. Set a dollar amount and stick to it. Be sure to keep your other bills and obligations in mind. And don’t just budget for food, remember drinks, decorations, and incidentals.
  1. Shop Early and Compare
    The earlier you start, the more you will save. By price comparing you can look for sales and get the best value for your dollar. Consider buying in bulk and using coupons. Lots of stores have apps that you can download to your phone for instant savings.
  1. Be Creative
    Maybe use this Thanksgiving to start a few new traditions. Consider vegetarian options to stretch your buck. Homemade desserts, casseroles, etc will certainly save you in the long run (and taste better too). Think about a potluck, guests can bring their homemade favorites and help cover the costs.
  1. BYOB
    If you are already providing most of the food, ask your guests to bring their own alcohol or other drinks. You can save lots of money by hosting a “dry” get together or asking people to be responsible for their own liquor.
  1. Leftovers
    After such a large meal, there will be leftovers. Use every morsel. Leftover turkey meat and carcass can be used to make soups and stocks. Potatoes can be turned into morning hash browns, casseroles into another night’s main dishes; the possibilities are endless. Try freezing individual portioned out plates so you can enjoy the delicious food for the next few weeks. There is no need to waste any leftovers.

A little pre-planning can go a long way. By being smart upfront, you can spend a less stressful holiday with family and friends.