Back to School Savings

While it might feel like summer is just beginning, August will be here before we know it. We know it’ll be soon that we need to address all things back to school and how to approach them.

It can seem daunting with uniforms, school supplies, and other costs, but there are ways to keep yourself in check when it comes to back to school spending.

Supply Sweep
It never fails that when summer starts, kids come home with unfilled notebooks, unused highlighters, and sheets of unused paper. Have your kids do a clean sweep of their rooms, homework areas, and backpacks for any supplies that might be left over from the spring. Try to make use of the leftover supplies that you have so you don’t end up having duplicates in your purchases.

Dollar Stores
The price hikes continue year after year on school supplies. Try stopping by the local dollar store to search for your basic needs. Not only can you find notebooks and pens, but you can get great deals on tissues, hand sanitizer, and pencil cases at great prices.

Compare Pricing
For electronics or some of your slightly larger purchases, do some bargain hunting online. Many stores offer price matches, or sites like Amazon have fluctuating pricing. You might even be able to find a used product that’s still in great working condition.

Uniform Exchanges
One of the biggest expenses when school starts up again are the prices associated with uniforms. Bring together those in your neighborhood or PTA groups for a uniform swap. The chances are that you’ll have a size they need or vice versa. Another option is to look at your local thrift stores. There’s significant chance that some of the graduated students who no longer have a need for their uniforms have donated them.

Buy in Bulk
If you have several kids heading back to school, there’s probably a lot of overlap in their supply lists. Try visiting Sam’s, Costco, or Amazon to buy these items in bulk. These retailers offer a lot of deals and coupons for school supplies. This will allow you to prepare for the whole year and get the best bang for your buck.

Get a Library Card
When it comes to summer reading or other novel assignments, you’re likely to find these at the local library. While they may not have the paperback version available for everyone, many libraries offer eBooks or audiobooks in their online catalogs. This is a great solution if you know the book you are buying is only going to be read once.