Best Apps for Small Businesses

When operating a small business, business owners and managers are looking for affordable resources to help them streamline their business.

Operations like accounting, communication, marketing, point of sale, email, and many others can be used through cost-effective apps. We have narrowed down some of our favorite apps for small businesses and listed the pros and cons.

Quickbooks online
Quickbooks is a widely-used accounting and/or bookkeeping software used by small businesses. One of the biggest pros is the option for scalable services. No two small businesses are the same, and Quickbooks allows for flexibility and mobility.

For B2C customers, a functional point of sale (POS) is essential. Square utilizes software as well as additional hardware that is easy to use and functions smoothly with both Android and Apple products. Square offers a free plan and utilizes paid tiers as the number of services increase.

For keeping all of your projects in line and on time, Monday is a great app option. It organizes all tasks and encourages team communication. Its layout is clean and easy to read, and pricing varies per number of users. There are also Standard, Pro, and Enterprise levels that allow you to utilize more advanced features if necessary.

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that virtual communication is now an essential tool for all businesses. The cost of a basic Zoom account is free but offers several perks with higher-level packages such as unlimited meeting time. Virtual meetings can host up to 100 participants and has easy sign-in or call-in options for non-Zoom users. Meetings can also be recorded for later use if needed.

If your marketing budget is tight but you need your marketing materials to look well-designed, Canva is a great option. There are three versions to choose from, Free, Pro, and Enterprise that all offer different advantages and perks. All versions offer free templates and design types, photos and graphics, and the ability to collaborate in real-time. For businesses who need their materials to look professional but can afford to hire a graphic designer, Canva is a winner.

If your business requires many signatures or piles of documents for your clients or customers, DocuSign is a great tool for your business. It eliminates the need for acquiring in-person signatures, allows you to build templates for frequently used documents, and even integrates with programs like SalesForce, Google, Microsoft, and other CRMs.