COVID-19 Back-to-School Tips

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school shopping. Pencils, planners, uniforms, and other supplies are on the list or in our online shopping cart. This year, however, things may look a little different in the midst of COVID-19.

There are items that might be on your supply list that have not been in previous years. We’ve made a list of items or services that may come in handy as we approach a school year like never before.

Health officials are asking everyone over the age of 8 to wear masks to help to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We suggest buying masks for your children that they’ll get excited about wearing, similar to picking out a backpack for the school year. Since kids can be messy and to keep everything hygienic, we suggest buying multiple masks that can be easily washed throughout the school week.

High-Speed Internet
With the high possibility of virtual or hybrid learning, high-speed internet should be on every household’s supplies list. This will help your children keep up with their homework and avoid frustrations of slow load times or spotty quality for Zoom meetings.

Quality Earphones/Headphones
If you have multiple children at home engaging in online learning, there can be a lot of noise happening at once. To keep everyone on task and with less distraction, we suggest purchasing quality headphones for your student. Make sure your child finds an option that will be comfortable for long-term use.

Keyboard/Glass Cleaner
With the increased use of computers or tablets, we suggest stocking up on keyboard and glass cleaner that can be used for touch screens. This will ensure that your child’s tech is kept clean, which will promote longer use in the long run.

Desk Organizer
Whether your child will be attending classes at home or completing after-school assignments, having a designated, organized space for your child to get work done is imperative. Stock the area with pens, pencils, paper, necessary tech, and other items your child might need to be as productive as possible.

In the midst of uncertainty and an upcoming school year, unlike we’ve ever had, we believe becoming as organized and prepared as possible will help in transition with students and parents alike.