An Honest Valuation Will Change Your Business

A business owner may have several reasons to have their business valued at some point. How much your business is worth depends on several factors and all of them are important.

The team at Broussard Poché, LLP knows that business valuation must be done right to ensure the best end result. First, let’s look at why you may want to have your business valued.

  • Selling or purchasing a business
  • Debt or equity financing
  • Adding or changing shareholders

Business valuations also offer many planning opportunities. The accredited and certified professionals at Broussard Poché, LLP provide opinions of value to business owners, attorneys, commercial bankers and fiduciaries, in circumstances involving:

  • Gift & Estate Planning
  • Buy/Sell/Merger/Acquisition
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Lost Profits/Damage Assessment

Business owners or staff should not do their own business valuation. There needs to be a third party involved who can give an honest assessment. Organizations must have access to professionals with the training and experience to help them evaluate what their business is truly worth.