Tips on How to Save This Football Season

Being a Football Fan Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune. 

Football is practically a religion in some parts of the country, and sometimes people go a little overboard with their love of the game. There’s no reason to sacrifice your finances to the “football gods!” You can still celebrate the game you love without going broke.

The financial experts and fellow football fans at Broussard Poché, LLP want you to keep these tips in mind as you cheer on the mad dash down the field.

  1. Cut the Cord

This tip will have a lasting impact beyond football season. Between the cable bill and extra NFL packages, your bill can skyrocket during the fall. But you can probably catch your favorite local teams via an old-fashioned antenna and there are multiple streaming options available online. The streaming services do cost money, but on average, they cost much less than a cable bill.

  1. Watch at Home

Watching the big game in a bar or restaurant is communal and is certainly worth doing every now and then. But remember, when you go out you’re spending more on food and drinks than just cooking at home. Plus, you have to factor in transportation and tips. Invite pals for potluck eats and BYOB. You won’t have to sacrifice the experience of watching together but you’ll save a buck or two.

  1. Buy Smartly

Seeing a game in person is an experience like no other. The live action is worth every penny but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure you are buying tickets from legitimate sources, don’t get taken for a ride by scalpers. That means steering clear of sites like Craigslist and eBay. And you may want to skip the tailgating for the actual in-person game experience because those costs will certainly add up on game day.

Being a part of football fandom is a fun pastime; if you are saving up for some unique experiences this season, it’s OK to splurge. Just make sure your bank account can take one for the team.