Last Minute School Supply Shopping Tips

Summer is winding down and school is almost in session, have you started on that school supply list yet? If you waited until the last minute, it’s OK, there is still time to be organized and save a bit of money.

The team at Broussard Poché, LLP has some planning tips that will help you keep an eye on the bottom line.

Set a Budget
Start by taking a look at last year’s receipts. Taking a look at what you spent last year will give you a better idea of what to set aside this year. If you didn’t hold on to those receipts, check your bank statements.

Buying new supplies can be fun for the students, but you may not have to start from scratch every year. Go through last year’s supplies and see what can be reused. Usually, backpacks, binders, and electronics are a good place to start.

Look for Sales
Take some time to compare prices, especially on higher-priced items like tablet computers and gadgets. Also, keep an eye out for rebates and coupons. And take advantage of those tax-free weekends. These weekends can really help parents catch a break.

Consider Trades
Talk to other parents, consider trading uniforms and even some school supplies. It’s a great way to save money and help each other declutter.

Embrace Technology
Consider using apps and online shopping. Amazon and eBay offer free and fast shipping and Facebook hosts local market places tailored to your area. Be on the lookout for the supplies you need, they may just be a neighborhood away.

Don’t forget to get your child involved as much as possible. Teach them to stick to the budget and they will learn the value of how budgeting helps save money.