Last Minute Shopping Tips to Stay on Budget

If you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet, don’t panic, there’s still time to get those precious gifts without going broke. The financial planners at Broussard Poché, LLP have a few tips for those last minute shopping goodies.

  1. Make a list

Write it all down, everything you need and a budget to make it happen. It sounds simple, but sticking to your list and budget are crucial to avoiding mountains of holiday debt. Even if you can’t plan ahead weeks in advance, there’s no reason you can’t hit the stores with some sort of plan for some last minute shopping heroics.

  1. Shop online

Many online stores offer quick processing and overnight shipping, so the pressure of physical shopping can be taken off of your shoulders. It’s also easier to comparison shop in a crunch if you’re just a click away from competitors websites.

  1. Quick and Creative

Think about things like “gift of the month clubs” and other types of memberships or gift certificates. It may not feel as fun as a box under the tree, but some envelopes with gift certificates or subscriptions really are the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Extended holiday hours

Many stores open early or stay open late during the holiday season; take advantage of the extra time. Maybe do a bit of shopping a few days after work instead of all in one day. This means, even in a rush you can still take moment to make sure you are getting a good deal.

  1. Consider DIY

DIY isn’t always the fastest option, but you still have time to gather a few supplies and create your own Christmas gifts. Maybe your loved ones have pets? Dog toys are quick and inexpensive to create. Or perhaps your family has a sweet tooth? Maybe bake mini-cakes or cookies?

  1. Charitable donation

There may be more than a few people in your life who have grown tired of the commercialization of the Christmas, maybe those people would appreciate giving to others. Consider making charitable donations in the names of friends and family.

Even at this late date, there are still ways to shop smart this holiday. Just remember to stay on budget and stay in the spirit!