Letting Fish! into our Lives

Luckily Fish! in this case is a philosophy and not another item that should be on our plate. This idea swims around being joyful and productive at work, it’s the focus for every employee and should be for employers as well.

The Fish! Philosophy grew out of a fish market in Seattle. The folks over at Pike Place Market are known nationwide for their playful and busy atmosphere. How can they manage hoards of customers and the work that comes with it, while laughing and loving their jobs? The Fish! Philosophy: be there, play, make their day, choose your attitude.

It’s more than just “service with a smile”; it’s an entire attitude. You are in charge of your day’s happiness and you can pass that on to others. Be emotionally present for people, whether its your customers or colleagues– the respect that being there shows can strengthen relationships.

Let your enthusiasm for your job and life shine through! Play doesn’t mean a game of football in the hallway. It can be as simple as playing with an idea, being supportive, not dismissing a thought out of hand.

Know the people around you. Knowing them makes it easier to find small and meaningful ways to make their day. Simple things that can inspire you, your team and your clients, can mean the most.

But the final tenet of the Fish! Philosophy may be the most important. You are in charge of how you feel; how you react to challenges. If you get to a positive state of mind, it shines through every part of you; your work, your home and your life.


Be the change you want to see and watch your hard work pay off.