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How to Re-Sell Unused Items for Extra Cash

If we all took the time to look around our home, we could probably identify several items we have purchased in the past that now go unused. Whether it’s furniture, clothes, electronics, home-gym equipment, etc., chances are that someone else can benefit from their use. We’ll dive into three apps that we feel clients can use to make a little extra cash from unused or unwanted products.

The letgo app allows people to sell their compiled stuff to people in their neighborhoods. The app is often compared to Craigslist but have felt it to be a safer alternative. Using this app, people have successfully sold clothes, furniture, electronics and tech supplies, cleaning supplies, cars, etc. The app allows you to post, chat, and make sales quickly and easily. Users have the capabilities to set a location to exchange the purchased products, and users can even set a price range for products they are searching for.

Poshmark is an app that is specific for selling and buying gently used clothing items. The app allows you to like, comment, and follow other users whose wardrobe you may like so you can keep track of pieces that might be up for sale. As a seller, you can upload photos, add filters, and include detailed descriptions. Poshmark will provide a pre-made shipping label making it easy to pack and track your shipments to buyers. One fun component of Poshmark are “Posh Parties”. Posh Parties often have a particular theme to them (Best in Shoes, Petite Sizes, Back to Basics, etc) where users who have several pieces in these categories can sell quickly and easily to buyers who are looking for that particular style. Users love the sociability of it, and with such a wide user base, you’re likely to find someone who is willing to buy items that has a similar style.

Decluttr’s main focus is selling unwanted media and tech devices. This app is the perfect platform for selling books, DVDs, CDs, video games, cell phones, computers, tablets, and more. Some things to note is that the items you are selling should have all its original parts and be in good condition. Decluttr can reject certain items from being sold on their platform, but this keeps both the merchants and buyers honest. Most users show that they can make about 33% more by selling their tech through Decluttr rather than selling it to the original retailer or seller.