Pandemic-Proof Businesses

As our economy comes to grips with the ramifications of COVID-19, many find themselves reassessing their careers, side hustles, or the pandemic effects of the economy as a whole.

It’s hard to find anyone who has not been affected in some way by this virus, but there are businesses that are generally able to carry on through tough economic times. If you, or loved ones, are looking for a change in occupation or desire consistency in unprecedented times, these industries are mostly pandemic-proof.

While it may not be a glamorous industry, grocery stores have added services such as delivery or curbside pickup as a competitive advantage. Gone are the days where parents load all of their children for a several-hour trip to the grocery store on Saturday mornings where you are fighting tantrums, long lines, and items out of stock. Shoppers can now fulfill orders online, drive up the store, and return home with all the groceries they need without even having to leave their vehicle.

Pet Care
When quarantined with furry friends, you can guarantee that owners are looking to ensure their pets are well fed and also occupied. We’ve all seen our colleagues’ dogs jump in on a Zoom call. Businesses whose focus is for pet care or other health essentials will continue to do well during a pandemic.

Cleaning Products
More than ever, we have seen the high demand for cleaning products. Many industries have shifted their entire model to accommodate the creation or packaging of cleaning products in the midst of a pandemic. Our prediction is that standards of cleanliness will only increase across industries, so products must be created to meet this standard.

As we see a shift to online school, virtual learning, and the continuance of Zoom meetings, there is no doubt that technology is not going anywhere. Now more than ever companies are looking to make technology accessible and easy-to-use for all ages. Whether at-home entertainment, school-focused, or work-centered, the technology industry’s reach will be even more vast.

Communities’ healthcare workers are working day and night to provide much-needed services to the communities they serve. With a nationwide nursing shortage, those who are looking for a career in healthcare can assure job availability once they enter the workforce.

Groceries, food, Amazon packages—almost anything these days can be brought directly to your doorstep. As consumers grow accustomed to having their wants and needs dropped at their doorstep, a new norm may be established. Several national and local businesses are forming to assist in local shopping and deliveries which in turn creates more jobs for local communities.