Payroll Checkup

The dream of being a small business owner can quickly turn into a nightmare if payroll and payroll tax issues pop up. For most business owners, this concept is so daunting that it is handed off to someone else within the business. The problem is, you are still responsible for any errors or mistakes and the penalties can be severe.

Common issues and questions are:

• Are my “independent contractors” really employees?
• Can I deduct employee pay for accidents, cash shortages or mistakes?
• Have I followed proper procedures for employees that have been terminated or quit?
• Am I handling pre-tax and post-tax deductions properly?
• Do I have all of the required paperwork from LA New Hire?
• Do I have all of the required forms in my employees’ personnel files, and are they current?
• Am I calculating garnishments properly?

Contact one of our trusted advisors today to answer some of your questions, review your processes and procedures, and guide you in the right direction.