Preparing Your Business for Summer

Summer is just around the corner which can mean a change of pace around the office.

Depending on your industry, your business could have a slower season, or it could pick up to be the busiest time yet. There are unique challenges and opportunities that every business owner should consider as we head into the warmer months ahead.

Obtain Vacation Requests Early
Most family vacations take place during the summer when kids are out of school and the beaches are ready for visitors. To avoid too many employees taking off at once or last-minute vacation notifications, encourage your employees to turn in their leave requests as far in advance as possible.

If you Missed Spring Cleaning, Try Summer Instead
Many employees are returning from remote work to head back into the office. It’s a great time to spruce up your office. Declutter workspaces, stock up on office supplies and give your office a deep clean. Make a list of the physical areas around the office that need some attention and try to check one off each day or each week. If you divide and conquer with the other members of your staff, you’ll be able to complete and keep up with big tidying tasks.

Summer Promotions
If you are looking for a way to drum up the excitement of business, consider offering a special promotion to your clients or customers. You can offer a discount on certain services, introduce a new product or service, offer a free consultation, or another incentive that is only offered during the summer months.

Check-in with your Customer or Clients
If there are customers you haven’t checked in with since the new year began, show them some attention by reaching out to them for check-in. Your clients will appreciate that you are thinking about them, and you may even remind them that they need to renew or look into your services for the near future. Great customer service can go a long way.

Team Bonding
It’s always great to check in with your team and plan a fun activity. If you focus on all work and no fun, your employees might not be as motivated or feel connected to their coworkers or work. Creating a fun, team bonding event will break up the monotony and reinvigorate your staff. Remember, a great internal culture usually leads to a greater work ethic and profits.

Revisit Goals and Objectives
Did you make goals or objectives when the new year began? Review your goals and tactics and see how you’re measuring up. If it’s time to reevaluate, coordinate with your staff or coworkers to adjust as needed so you can finish strong at the end of the third or fourth quarter.