Rebranding for the Better

Notice anything different?

Anything at all?

What about the new colors? Or our logo? Or our NAME?!

We’ve undergone a big transformation and we’re thrilled to announce our new rebranding and marketing campaign.

Broussard, Poché, Lewis & Breaux is now Broussard Poché, LLP. No, this isn’t part of a merger or a buyout. It’s a big piece of our new rebranding campaign that has improved our identity from every angle. We’ve evolved to better serve our beloved clients and staff, and throughout this process, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves.

After several rounds of design and lengthy discussions about the name options, we decided that the best solution for our name was short and sweet: Broussard Poché, LLP. Our new logo is a blend of retro and modern — forming a B, a subtle P, and a hidden plus sign. See it now? We will operate under this new logo with the tagline, “Your firm for a lifetime.”

We’ve also redesigned our website for content and function so it’s easier for you to get around and find information. And lastly, we’ve set up a blog — this blog. Why? Because we’ve recognized our niche for having one. We see a blog as an opportunity to share our knowledge with those in need of it. So subscribe to it and receive brand new posts as they’re written.

This rebrand is the first piece of our new multi-media marketing launch that kicked off at the start of the year. So be on the lookout for our campaign materials all over Acadiana.

This is an exciting new chapter in our long history. And although we’ve changed a good deal, our mission remains intact: To earn the privilege of being our client’s most trusted advisor by helping them achieve success through proactive delivery solutions.