Save Money at the Pumps

Summertime means vacation time for most of those in the US. This means that many drivers are hitting the roads to travel to their destinations. When all of this travel occurs, we’re most likely to see costs rise at the gas pumps.

This means higher prices for even those who might not need to travel. When you’re on a budget, what are some ways to account for these higher costs? We’ve thought of a few that we think will be helpful and help you save money at the pumps.

Monday Funday
While Mondays might not be anyone’s favorite day of the week, studies have actually shown that prices are typically lower at gas stations on Mondays. On the opposite side, Thursdays are when many are filling up and determine prices for the weekend.

Try To Avoid Freeway Stops
Gas stations along interstates and highways have the main purpose of convenience. You’ll find that their prices are also higher because they have the ability to charge for convenience. Go to the local pump nearest your home, and you’re likely to find slightly lower prices.

Avoiding Rush Hour
If you have the luxury to do so, it’s always best to avoid stop-and-go traffic as much as possible. The constant acceleration and breaking is the easiest way to burn through gas rather quickly. If you have somewhere to be, try to schedule it at a time where less drivers might be on the road.

There are many apps, like GasBuddy, that will give information on where the cheapest pumps are. If you’re taking a long trip, you can map out your stops that have the best gas prices and also might be a great place to let the family out for a small break. Other options are Fuel Finder, AroundMe, Gas Cubby, and SmartFuel.

If you have a coworker that may live nearby, why not carpool a few times a week? It’ll save you both at the pump, and not to mention, is a very environmentally-friendly option. If you plan to have a group on vacation, try to strategically fill cars to where less are on the road.

Cruise Control
When you hit the highways for vacation, use your cruise control. This is a sure way to conserve fuel, especially when on going on long road trips.