Starting Over Doesn’t Have to be Terrifying

Baby Steps Lead to Success

Using the New Year as a starting point to start over is more than the cliché’ “New Year, New You.” 2019 can be the year of YOU. Whether it’s starting over with a career change, new baby, mindfulness routines, or health care, look for areas in your life where you’d like to begin anew. Here are some techniques to keep things in focus.

  1. Remember, starting over is not the same as surviving a failure. It is a new beginning. This mindset is helpful because it keeps you from wasting your time being too hard on yourself. You haven’t failed, you are deciding to make positive changes! This applies to money, health, wellness, and more.
  2. Endings are not necessarily bad things, in fact, they can be the best thing for you. Even if the past year was your best so far, the one ahead might be even better. The same is also true if it’s been your worst year so far, and you’ve suddenly found yourself unemployed or unattached. Start off the new year with a positive mindset, no matter the past difficulties.
  3. Starting over is a cause for celebration. Think of it as exciting, and many of your anxious feelings will begin to fade. Starting over is mostly a mental challenge in the beginning, staying optimistic will help you overcome any fears that creep up.
  4. Healthy alternatives to negative lifestyle patterns are all around you. Take baby steps if you don’t feel comfortable making all your changes on January 1. If you can’t stop a bad habit, start by cutting back. It’s okay to give yourself a little time to moderate or stop something that’s hurting you. Research the alternatives and give yourself time to make the changes.
  5. It’s not all about joining a gym to get fit. What about taking a dance class to get in shape and have fun at the same time? Starting over can mean chasing your dreams. We’re happiest when we’re moving toward a goal.
  6. Starting over is about giving yourself a chance at real happiness. You will have to be brave and get good at learning new things, but how bad can that be? At the very worst, you will acquire the skills you need to start on the next project.

The new year is a great time to start over. Remember that once you honestly commit to the changes, you have already begun the process.