Summer Entertainment on a Budget

School is out, you’ve taken family vacation, and spending long summer days with the kids at home, longing for some summer fun has begun. Movies, put-put golf, and other activities are great, but they can be costly.

How can you keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank? We have a few ideas in mind for some fun summer entertainment on a budget!

With shows like “Cupcake Wars”, “The Great British Baking Show”, and “Chopped”, it’s clear that cooking battles are high on the entertainment list. If you’re looking to clean out some unused ingredients in the refrigerator or want to find out who can make the tastiest dessert, create a game out of it. Setup stations for each child with the equipment and ingredients they need. If you’re worried about hot surfaces, simply designate yourself as the “referee” to ensure no fingers are getting burnt. It will allow the kids to create something that the whole family will (hopefully) enjoy.

For the rainy days where it’s hard to keep the kids occupied, consider letting them try their hand at some painting the way Michelangelo did. All you have to do is find a table and tape white paper underneath and provide some watercolors. The kids lie down on their backs and paint on the blank paper above them, just like Michelangelo did with the Sistine Chapel. We suggest laying down old sheets underneath to catch some paint drips just in case.

Libraries these days have more than just dusty old books. There’s often story time for the kids, computers available for the teens, and plenty of quiet space for the adults. It’s a great place to go for those who may need a push to complete their summer reading assignments as well. If you check out the library’s website, there is usually a page dedicated to all the events happening at the various branches.

Literally! There are tons of parks and trails that are perfect for spending the day. Some even have water activities like swimming or kayaking that are perfect for long summer days. We suggest taking them somewhere that might not be on their normal route or even just taking their bikes in another neighborhood. You don’t have to go very far for some summer entertainment or a new adventure.

There’s so much in our own towns that are worth discovering! Take the kiddos on a walking tour of your local Downtown or historical sites. Visit some of the landmarks that have been in the cities, and maybe even throw in a trip to grab some ice cream too if you need to beat the heat.