Tips for Managing the Summer Utility Spike

We are smack-dab in the middle of swampy, hot weather. These temperatures can send some homeowners into a financial tailspin. Between energy costs, vacation expenses, back-to-school spending and being stuck indoors, the summer tab can add up. The financial experts at Broussard Poché, LLP have a few utility tips homeowners should keep in mind during the summer months.

  1. Bare A Little More
    Turn up the temperature on the A/C and take off those trendy layers of clothes.  Try to keep the thermostat around 78 degrees, even at night.  Trade those cozy pajamas for cooler clothes and less blankets.
  2. Close the Crack
    An alarming amount of cool air might be leaking out of your home right now.  Check your home’s insulation to make sure that cool air isn’t leaking out through windows, doors and even the floors.  It would be worth the money in the long run to have a professional help sure up those leaks.
  3. Buy a new thermostat
    Programmable thermostats let you adjust your cooling when you’re not home. That way you can turn up the A/C after you leave for work and have it turn down again automatically before you come home.
  4. Save Money Elsewhere
    Healthcare costs: Employees who have contributed money to flexible spending accounts usually have until the end of the year to spend that money.  While it’s still few months away, check to see what’s eligible, things like new glasses, dental exams, and physical therapy. The healthcare savings can help pay those high bills.
    Budgets:  If the vacation season left you a little high and dry for cash, try and rework your monthly budget to compensate.  If you expect your utility bills to go up, plan for it in advance.
    Grill Out:  Firing up the oven and stove can contribute to more heat and humidity in your home as well as a higher electric bill.  Consider grilling out a bit more on the cooler summer evenings and utilizing leftovers.

Just putting a few of these tips into motion can help you save during the summer months.  The experts at Broussard Poché, LLP can also help walk you through a few of the more complicated prospects you may be thinking about when trying to financially beat the heat.