‘Tis the Season to be Frugal

It is no secret that we are in desperate economic times. Unemployment is high, job availability is low, and we still continue to battle COVID-19.

While times are tough on many people’s wallets, their spirit of holiday giving does not necessarily cease. So, how can you evaluate gift-giving and frugality at the same time this holiday season? We have a few ideas in mind.

Gift ideas for him

Acts of service
When you are thinking about gifts for him, think outside long checkout lines at big-box stores. Think of different acts of service to show your loved one you care for him while also keeping your wallet happy.

  • Take his car to be washed and detailed or do it yourself!
  • Cook his favorite dinner and buy his favorite wine or beer.
  • Clean and organize his closet.
  • Plan a date night.
  • Take a day hike on a local trail.
  • Surprise him by completing a house project (painting, organizing the garage, landscape updates)

Cost-friendly gifts
If you like to have something under the tree waiting for your loved one, you do have options that are cost-effective and won’t break the bank.

  • Subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, magazine, etc.) is a great and affordable gift that keeps on giving month after month
  • Shaving kit for the man who cares for his beard
  • Grill Master Kit for outdoor dining days
  • A monogrammed toiletry bag
  • For the funny guy, grab a few pairs of fun socks with his favorite movie characters or funny quotes

Gift ideas for her

Acts of service

  • Volunteering to watch the kids while she has a night with the girls
  • Cook her favorite dinner or bring breakfast in bed
  • Take care of all the household chores for the week
  • Clean out her car and surprise her

Cost-friendly gifts

  • A candle in her favorite scent, or a fun seasonal candle
  • A bathtub caddy tray for an easy at-home spa day
  • Bath bombs, lotion, or face mask for beauty gurus
  • A soft, comfy throw blanket
  • A framed picture of the family

Gift ideas for the kids

Acts of service

  • Give each child a “mommy-daddy” day where they get to pick a special day
  • Plan a scavenger hunt that takes place around town
  • Do their chores for them for an entire week
  • Cook them their favorite meal
  • Volunteer as a family for a charitable organization of the kids’ choice

Cost-friendly gifts

  • Take them to the movies, or host a movie night at home with a movie of their choice
  • Get the kids a beach kit (monogrammed towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach toy)
  • Buy a coloring book with their favorite characters
  • Disney+ subscription
  • Puzzles
  • Board games to play as a family