The financial experts at Broussard Poché have a few Holiday Travel Tips for you and your family that might just help ease some of the financial pain that comes with traveling at this time of year.

  • Be Flexible: Even a day or a week can make a difference. Look into booking tickets on an odd day like Tuesday or Monday. Try not to book flights on the Wednesday before or Sunday after Thanksgiving. Paying attention to the flexible days that many airlines offer can save time and money. This may seem a bit extreme, but some families choose to celebrate the weekend before the actual holidays to avoid the hassle and cost.
  • Start Now: If you’re flying, make your plan and book seats as far in advance as possible. Airlines don’t usually offer last-minute sales in order to fill planes anymore. Demand is on the rise, especially during the holidays, so airlines can keep rates up and in some cases raise them as the holiday approaches.
  • Ship luggage: Most airlines charge for checked bags and in some cases carry-on bags as well. If you are going for an extended stay you may want to ship your bags. Most ground shipping companies offer a few ways to price; do a little price comparison. You might save big by shipping those bags and gifts.
  • No rental car: If you’re in an area with public transportation you will actually be able to get where you need for a couple hundred dollars less than renting a car for a week or two. Plus if you are visiting family and friends you may be able to borrow their cars for a few trips here and there.

Being with loved ones during the holidays is important, but it’s also important not to overextend your bank account. Between gifts, travel and time off of work, things can add up fast, but with a little planning, you can keep yourself on budget.

From everyone at Broussard Poché we hope you and yours have an amazing holiday, and if you happen to be travelling, we hope our tips allow you to keep a little more of your hard earned money in your pocket where it belings.