Want to escape debt? Check out these two financial experts

The average American isn’t very good with money. At least not according to the latest statistics from Bankrate.com.

Their recent article stated that U.S. consumer debt stands at $14.96 trillion (yes, that trillion, with a “T”). The average American is $92,727 in debt.

To be fair, much of this debt is wrapped up in home mortgages. Still, a significant portion is from credit cards, personal loans, and auto loans. If you feel a painful twinge reading this, you’re not alone. Thousands of Americans are looking to get their finances under control.

The good news is there are proven financial experts with a range of styles that can fit any money attitude. Here are a few you might want to check out.

Dave Ramsey

This veteran of the personal-finance wars wants you to be, in his own words, “weird.” On his nationally syndicated talk show, he offers advice to people overburdened by debt.

And he doesn’t blame them one bit.

He says excessive debt has become so routine that anyone with it is “normal.” But Dave’s obsession is to make people “weird” by making them completely debt-free.

He has a proven, step-by-step plan that has helped people get out of debt and stay out. It’s not a magic formula, and it requires some effort, but it works.

Dave never met the credit card he didn’t hate and is passionate that you don’t need any leverage in your life. You can check him out here.

Suze Orman

Like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman is one of the most recognized personal finance experts in the country, and she has the track record to justify it.

A successful stockbroker, she grew tired of some of the mindsets she saw surrounding women and money. So, she went on a personal crusade to empower people to take back their financial freedom.

Suze is a prolific writer, has a podcast, and is a frequent guest on some of America’s most top-rated show self-help shows.

She is passionate about helping people control their debt load but does not necessarily advocate debt-free living. Take a look at her website to see if her style is right for you.