Picking the perfect accounting method for your business “Get the fundamentals down, and everything you do will rise” – Michael Jordan When he made this quote, Michael Jordan was talking about basketball, but it can easily apply to business.  Business fundamentals are crucial, and nothing is more basic than selecting the proper accounting method. If… Read More

When not to hire a CPA May 19th is National Accounting Day, but we like to celebrate it all month. And we will start the party by telling you when your business shouldn’t hire a CPA.   Yes, you can insert the record scratch here. Why would a CPA blog tell you when not to… Read More

You’ve heard all the slang terms for accountants: bean counter, number ninja, ledger lover. The list goes on and on. But you may not have heard the one that can help your business: strategic partner. That’s because if you only use your CPA to help you make tax deductions, balance the books, and keep you… Read More

Times are tight in the U.S. job market, with the unemployment rate at less than 4% since the start of 2024. So, how can a small business owner attract and retain quality talent? It’s no surprise that employee benefits are the difference for most prospective employees. But there’s a lot to consider, especially finances. So… Read More

Small business owners have to make plenty of tough decisions, and whether to offer employee health benefits is one of them. There’s no way to definitively say which decision is right, but we can go over the variables to consider before making a decision. Let’s go! The pros of offering employee health benefits There are… Read More

Personal financial literacy seems to grab all the headlines, but business literacy is just as important, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. If you’re just starting, there is plenty to learn, and if you’ve been in the game awhile, you know it always keeps changing. Either way, it’s essential to keep learning.… Read More

They say the difference between a successful small business and a bad joke is that you can explain a bad joke to the IRS. Of course, you can explain a successful business to them, especially if part of that explanation involves a good business tax strategy. That’s because a good strategy can maximize profits and… Read More

No one goes into a business to lose money unless they are interested in committing tax fraud.   But even losses and bad debts can be used to survive until better times come around. If you want to open a business but worry about financial losses, today’s post will show you potential ways to deal… Read More

Ben Franklin said death and taxes are the only two sure things in life. But unlike taxes, Congress does not meet yearly to make death harder. Yes, the tax code can get pretty complicated for small business owners, especially when it comes to tax deductions. Today’s post will add some clarity and help you identify… Read More